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About Public Appointments

Appointments to a Board made by Scottish Ministers are known as public appointments.

A public appointment is your opportunity to get involved with a public body. Joining as either a Board member or a Board Chair, it is a chance for our communities to feel partnered with organisations, making Scotland’s public services better for everyone.

A public appointment is an ongoing commitment demanding your interest and attention. Appointments can range from a few days a year to a few days a month. Most involve attending board meetings, for which some preparation time is needed, whilst for other posts other duties may be involved.

As part of the Board you will offer leadership, direction and guidance to the organisation. Although you will not be involved in the day-to-day running of the public body, it is an incredible opportunity to lend your voice and opinion to subjects that matter to you, whilst gaining new skills and valuable experience.

As part of the role you will take part in discussions, review paperwork, work with partner organisations, overseeing the preparation, approval and implementation of corporate plans. It is a place for you to have a say and express your ideas, ensuring the organisation delivers on its corporate objectives and runs efficiently.

Many public appointments are made under a system regulated and monitored by the Ethical Standards Commissioner.  It is the Commissioner's role to ensure that appointments are made on merit, using methods that are fair and open.